Zelda is one of my favourite games! Like really one of my favourite games! It’s sooo amazing that you want to play it again, and again and again and over and over again!


Tech can come in many forms, including even life forms so to speak. One of these life forms is a virtual assistant.


This is currently booming as people have less time to digest and less time to invest. Eventhough the time seems to stay the same. But people are thinking more careful to which they should give it to.


Therefore the virtual assistant is being born. From a distance a robot or a real person can help someone to achieve certain goals, whether it is homework or learning a language a VA can be interesting.


Now they have seemed to enter a different market. A Virtual Assistant for training.


It’s called Vi, the first virtual assistant for training according to the New York based startup.


At first I had little understanding for this project, but seeing the results I am convinced. They have gather 5 times their goal, by claiming $500.000 for there startup, where the initially wanted only $100.000.
They want to conquer the earplug market and doing it by storm so it seems. We will go more into this later, with a nice comparison of other ear technologies.