Staying at the crowdfunding platform the Nura is mighty interesting. I want to slowly build up to the latest headphone technologies and provide a great example for what to bring to the market for the consumers.


The Nura is quite special although I have my remarks ready for it. In short, this device has a larger surrounding place covering your ears with within a device that you put into your ear.


So it’s actually an ear-in headphone. Which sounds pretty techy cool.


They achieved to get above the $100.000 goal and received over $600.000 investment to produce this device. It shows how important headphones are to the general public.


The Melbourne based company is starting with the production and I hope to get my hands on one early on for an in-depth review. The problem I see arising now is that the in-ear head piece has to be at the exact right height of a person to perfectly and when it’s flexible it should not reduce any of the sound quality you wish to receive.


More on this later on, together with one of my earlier blogs about the other headphone Vi.