Vi- Trainer

Zelda is one of my favourite games! Like really one of my favourite games! It’s sooo amazing that you want to play it again, and again and again and over and over again!   Tech can come in many forms, including even life forms so to speak. One of these life forms is a virtual…



This fun colorful watch is actually very helpful among the smaller ones. It is an icon based watch to teach children good habits.

It’s like a smart watch but then slimmed down intensively. It looks interesting and the idea behind it is very sweet. Although I seem to see one problem.

Kids are getting connected, 24/7 and start to listen and obey a watch around their wrist, telling them what to…



Staying at the crowdfunding platform the Nura is mighty interesting. I want to slowly build up to the latest headphone technologies and provide a great example for what to bring to the market for the consumers.   The Nura is quite special although I have my remarks ready for it. In short, this device has…